Who we are?

AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS was established in 2011 having as core business the research and development of autonomous air, land and naval systems. Other domains of interest are: surveillance of critical infrastructure, areas affected by natural disasters or man-made structures, support intervention in emergencies and autonomous systems, systems testing.

What we do?

Autonomous has a project oriented organizational structure, which ensures high flexibility and productivity. The experts working with Autonomous are specialized in various domains (R&D Robotics , Computer Vision, Digital Image Processing, Forensics, UAV training, UAV Services, Technological Partnership). Together with private companies and public authorities we have managed to develop research and development projects that have a key contribution in the development of society. From industrial robots to autonomous underwater systems, we increase efficiency and bring innovation in public safety, transport, public services, industry or energy and utilities.
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Our strengths

Strong research and development expertise on computer vision and robotics

Our researchers and engineers are developing state of the art object recognition systems using the latest machine learning technologies, with focus on aerial image semantic segmentation and object detection. Besides the development of specific computer vision systems we also publish our results in the top computer vision and machine learning conferences.

Team of experts in the field of system design and system integration.

We have consolidated the team of experts in the field of system design and system integration. This capability allows to our team to easily integrate into our configuration a large range of equipment and sensors or to integrate our systems into other upper level systems. This include also integration of the UAV systems into a number of specialized Command and Control Centres.

Consistent background in the operational field of unmanned system, including for defense purposes

“Mesh Concept” implementation that generate a cost-effective and efficient mesh of unmanned platforms for surveillance, detection and monitoring of any type of incidents

This approach will allow the adaptation of long-tested technologies to the specific requirements of a specific area to be surveyed and also will increase the monitoring and surveillance capability mainly in difficult to access and remote locations.